Crossing Into Brooklyn

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Sixteen-year-old Morgan Lindstrum, an only child from Princeton, has everything she wants except her parents’ attention. The tension between them has intensified, and Morgan’s only constant has been her grandfather. Now he’s dead, and she’s left alone to discover that he was never her grandfather at all.

To find the truth, Morgan makes her way to Brooklyn. Waiting there is Irish immigrant Terence Mulvaney, her grandfather, the man her mother disowned. Living in a condemned building, he won’t give Morgan the answers she came for. Instead, he removes her blinders, shows her the people who are suffering, people left with nowhere to go, and challenges her to help them.

Morgan can’t do that, not unless she’s ready to show her parents, her wealthy friends, and the boy she secretly loves a world they don’t want to see. Will she keep a safe distance from the shame of poverty, the same way her mother did? She must choose, and for the people who need her, time is running out.

Morning in a Different Place

Junior Library Guild Selection & Paterson Prize Honor Book

In this sequel to Where You Belong, the stage is set for a classic moral battle. As Fiona comes to see what is truly worth having, she finds the courage to defend her friendship with Yolanda.

“McGuigan is as adept at evoking the class consciousness and racial politics of ’60s New York as she is the horrors of adolescence.”

Available in Ebook and Hard Cover

Where You Belong

National Book Award Finalist & New York Public Library Best Books for the Teen Age

An interracial friendship in the Bronx in 1963 brings trouble—and hope.

“Fiona is an unforgettable character with a voice that is marvelous in its understated artfulness and compelling in its emotional authenticity.”
—Booklist starred review

Available in Ebook and paperback:

Cloud Dancer

New York Public Library Best Books for the Teen Age

Only the courage to trust someone will help Eileen see that she has a self worth believing in and a right to have a dream and make it real. But for Eileen, trust is a dangerous thing.

“Polished writing heightens the poignancy of Eileen’s small but significant inroads against hopelessness.”
—The Horn Book

“The development of plot and characterization in Crossing Into Brooklyn is striking. Morgan’s thoughtful first-person-present narrative reveals a wealth of information about her in subtly crafted sentences. McGuigan infuses Morgan’s tale with poignant, authentic humor and emotion . . . A beautifully written book.

Meet Mary Ann

Mary Ann McGuigan is the author of four novels for young adults, including Where You Belong, a finalist for the National Book Award, and its sequel, Morning in a Different Place, a Junior Library Guild selection. Her books have been ranked among the best books for teens by the New York Public Library, the Paterson Prize, and others, and she has served on the panel of judges for the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature. She also writes short fiction for adults. She taught English after graduating from college and was a business and finance editor at Bloomberg L.P. for most of her career. A native of Bronx, New York, she grew up there and in Jersey City, where she lives now.